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Remembering Tess: A tribute A tribute
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Toireasa Barry w/ the CATS cast
This website is a tribute page dedicated to Toireasa Barry, a wonderful and special Jellicle Princess who went to the Heavyside Layer at 4.13 PST on April 24th, 2002, aged 5 years old.

Special to so many of us in the CATS online community, through which we learned of her, Toireasa endeared herself to us all with her strength, humour, determination and love, this site came about because of the on-going love we have for our Princess, as she watched us from the Heavyside Layer with her angels.

While many of us never had the opportunity to meet this special girl, through distance or national boundary, we all followed her story and prayed and hoped and laughed and listened with her and learned the true meaning of being strong from a beautiful little girl “full of hopes and dreams...Jellicle balls and pixie dust. She was a little girl full of joy and a little girl full of peace”.

Here, we can share our memories of her and never forget the wonderful, witty and happy Princess who touched so many lives.

Please look around and remember,
From the Family
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