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Remembering Tess: A tribute A tribute
How you can help
Little public attention and few funds are dedicated specifically to work on eradicating this cancer. For this reason, a supporting foundation was established to benefit Neuroblastoma Research at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). This hospital has been ranked first in pediatric medicine nationwide and is at the forefront of Neuroblastoma research worldwide.

Announcing the Establishment of TOIREASA'S DREAM

The Toireasa Margaret Ann Barry Endowment Fund for Neuroblastoma Research At The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia And The University of Pennsylvania

This Endowment Fund is part of the University's overall endowment and as it grows it will branch into a Fellowship and an Endowed Chair at the University.

Toireasa's dream was to stop the pain, if not for her then for other children. This fund will ensure that her dream to find a cure... to find the end to the pain... will one day be reached.

Checks/Money Order Donations may be made payable to:
"Toireasa's Dream"/CHOP
Mr. Carl Swansen
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Development Office
3535 Market Street, Philadelphia PA 19104